Sumber Kencana Kopi Indonesia is known as a factory supplies of coffee beans has been established since 1970. As a family company that has stood long enough, was originally only had supplies for retail such as shops and markets that exist.

Along with the changing times and also the need for good quality coffee beans and our desire to expand the market, we now also to supply our products to cafes, hotels and restaurants. Our plant in only high-quality coffee beans roasted by true where the use of modern equipment to produce excellent coffee beans to serve. All our products have been tested by an experienced coffee specialists. The commitment to produce quality coffee beans is our duty. We want to offer all our wonderful products to our valuable customers.

With this breakthrough our coffee factory presumably can continue to exist to serve customers in terms of presentation and quality of coffee beans with the resources supported by experienced and dedication is not no way we serve our customers not only domestically but also outside country.